About Me

Let’s be honest here, if you’re putting something into writing – be that print, online, social media, a blog, a script, a leaflet, a letter, a press release, marketing material or even a job advert – it really needs to sparkle. In fact, it deserves to sparkle. And that’s where I can help.


With 20 years of writing experience, I’ve got the skills, the know-how and oodles of creativity to make your words shine. As a freelance copywriter and editor, I’ve clocked up hundreds of articles in women’s magazines such as Closer, Reveal, Bella, Best, Woman's Own and Sky magazine. From enthralling health and sex articles to feisty opinion pieces, emotional real-life stories to riveting celebrity interviews, I’ve done it all – and I do it well.


Not the kind of thing you’re after? No problem, because I also regularly write recruitment material and employee communications for large organisations such as the NHS, Virgin Media and Heineken. Right from the very first cracking job ad that makes potential employees click on the ‘apply now’ button, I can help you reach out to the perfect candidates, lure them in with reassuring marketing material about your business, and seal the deal with an exciting starter pack.


Whether you want something writing from scratch or an existing piece of copy sprucing up, I’d be delighted to help. So get in touch today… and let’s create something brilliant together.